Container Structures

Utilizing the knowledge we've learned from our custom work with containers and through the many structures we've seen online, we decided to build a home and office building out of containers. Building these buildings was a great learning experience. We learned how to make them work with our extreme climates locally and how to make them structurally stronger with all the modifications we did to them.

  • foundation set
  • containers being placed
  • house completed
  • the kitchen
  • the recreational room
  • fully custom railings
  • another angle of the house
  • the backview of the house
  • the first floor of the office building being built
  • framing up of the interior
  • stairwell tower placed and set
  • all necessary cuttings done
  • windows installed
  • office building completed
  • first floor office space
  • second floor office space
  • movie set being built
  • movie set completed
  • image slider
  • view from our office
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