Am I able to pick and choose my container?

Yes, you can! What makes us stand out from other shipping container retailers is that you can actually go into our yard with a staff member and choose what color, condition and size container you want. No need to secondguess your decision and see what shows up at your place of business or residence.

Do you deliver these containers?

Yes, we can set up the delivery of a shipping container utilizing our many contacts at private towing companies for your convenience. There is an additional fee for delivery, but know that you are getting the best delivery companies to deliver them.

How much room is needed for delivery?

Since the trucking companies we use tilt-deck trucks, we recommend having at least 2 times the length of the container in order for the driver to manuever into position and back up to deliver it (40' of space for a 20' container and 80' of space for a 40' container). You should also plan on having at least 10' of width to fit the truck and 16' of clearance height (when the container is tipped off the back, it reaches a peak height of around 16').

What type of surface should the container sit on?

Optimistically, the delivery site should be level. You can either lay some concrete down for a pad or use gravel. Many of our customers make a gravel pad for their container to sit on. Additionally, you can use railroad ties or blocks that can support the weight of the container under each corner of the container. A good rule of thumb on railroad ties or blocks is to have one under each corner and then additional blocks every 10' or so along the length of the container.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we do. If you're a company looking to purchase multiple units, we can send you over a commercial credit application for you to complete. We also offer rent-to-own plans for the homeowner or small business owner.

What are the dimensions of shipping containers?

Do you sell insulated containers?

Yes, we do sell non-working reefer units in 40' lengths. We can also cut them down to 20' in length at an additional cost.